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Every Christmas tree helps

Join in, change the world

With every Christmas tree you do something good for the environment and give us the opportunity to support social projects.

Our Charitable Approach …

Simultaneously with the idea of the Christmas tree from wood, the idea arose with it to promote social projects. Our focus is on small projects that are supported by personal commitment, without a large advertising budget, which do not benefit from the large donation pot. We know these projects personally and are happy when we can help.

… Christmas also means thinking of others,
to give, to take time –
for yourself and your family,
to reflect on what really counts in life.

This is exactly the idea of the Christmas tree from wood!

Charity Projects 2022

This year the focus is again on projects with children in care and animal welfare!


also 2022…



again in 2022…


Cat adopted

for 12 months

Charity Projects 2021

2021 we have donated € 10 per tree sold to the projects listed below. Many thanks to our customers who co-finance our projects with their purchase!


and again…


Children’s home

Already in 2020, a small amount went to a children’s home in Belarus – the response was overwhelming. This year again…


Strengthens the mental health of children


Charity Projects 2020

This year was extraordinary. Therefore, we also want to set an extraordinary sign and have donated more than 15 euros per tree sold. Many thanks to our customers who have made these Charity Projects possible.


Why we support Fell-Engel? It is the personal and conscientious commitment of the animal welfare activists.

I got to know the organization through my daughter who wanted to adopt an animal and came across this organization by chance.

Albert Ungrad/Founder of WaH


ASO Berndorf

Special school is not a dead end, but an opportunity for children who are overwhelmed in VS or MS by the type of teaching or by the group size.