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Since the only state-run animal shelter in Belarus was closed in 2016, animal welfare activists have been working hard to reduce the suffering of animals in the country. The need is also great among the population. The authoritarian third country is therefore dependent on outside help. A small group of private individuals from Austria, Germany and the surrounding countries with personal contact to animal welfare activists in Minsk and Brest have made it their mission to do everything they can for the animals and their guardians in Belarus.

In 2019, about 6,000 animals were captured on the streets, and about 2,000 were surrendered by their owners. The animal welfare workers in Minsk visit the killing station as often as possible to take care of the animals there. They take them to the vet, have them treated and vaccinated, they feed and clean the cages, treat minor injuries and take pictures of the animals so that perhaps a family can be found for them. Time and space in the kill shelter are limited. There are hardly any possibilities to place the animals privately in foster homes, where the care is also time-consuming.

In addition to this work, the association also supports castration projects against uncontrolled reproduction of stray animals and enables the placement of cats and dogs abroad to foster homes and private individuals. Volunteers share photos and information about the animals on the Internet, get in touch with interested parties, organize pre- and post-placement checks, medical treatments, necessary documents and transports and they also support adopters after their animals have moved in.

The work of the animal welfare workers in Belarus and helpers abroad is done free of charge in their spare time, in addition to their jobs, families and their own animals. Every Euro helps to help and is used directly for the animals.

More information about the association: https://www.facebook.com/belarus.tiere.hilfe/

Besides the support through the project “Christmas tree made of wood” we are of course also grateful for any direct donation!

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