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Christmas tree from wood

The original*

Our Christmas trees are more than decoration, they are a real Christmas tree alternative. Raw materials, components and added value originate from the center of Europe. For the filigree shaping we use modern laser technology, assembly and coloring are pure handwork. A sustainable Christmas tree should meet some of the following points, our* wooden Christmas tree meets them all:

  • reuseable
  • low CO2 footprint
  • short supply routes and chains
  • tree & packaging without plastic
  • fair & ecologically produced
  • vegan

Choose the tree that suits you, wood-natural or hand-painted, large or small, as an ornament or Christmas tree alternative.


*product & logo ©

Christmas tree from wood & packing
Christmas tree from wood Logo ©

The idea behind the Christmas tree from wood

Every year buy tree. Sometimes too big then too small, too bushy, scrawny or irregular. How to transport it? Hide it from the children! If he does not lose needles before Christmas, then certainly during the holidays. Needles in the car, in the stairwell, in the apartment. Where is the Christmas tree cross and does the trunk fit in? Then dispose of, again needles in the stairwell …

Stress at a time you would rather enjoy or spend with family and friends.

Unfair conditions when harvesting the tree seeds, rearing in monocultures, pesticides, long transport routes and disposal. The plastic Christmas tree comes off even worse.

Christmas also means thinking of others, giving, taking time for yourself and your family, reflecting on what really matters in life.

This is the spirit of the Christmas tree from wood!

Our Suppliers

More than 30 suppliers contribute to the construction of our Christmas trees. Every single supplier has an interestin history, many of them family businesses with a long tradition. What all our suppliers have in common is innovation, environmental awareness, and fair treatment of employees as well as a cooperative approach to us as customer.

When common interests meet, something greater can emerge!

The wood for our Christmas trees …

comes from the region around Milano. Our supplier is a family business with 90 years of tradition and certified according to the following criteria:

Holz Umweltschutzzertifikate, Auszeichnungen

The Trunks …

we get from Germany from an innovative family business with more than 130 years of tradition. The wood comes from the region of the supplier, processed are mainly high-quality production residues – true upcycling.

The product packaging …

made of cardboard is produced in Austria from 100% waste paper. The family business in fifth generation is FSC certified, has the blue environmental protection angel, is a climate protection company …

And some more…

The brass – Viennese traditional company since 1822; the flax twine – Viennese ropery since 1889, natural rubber – Germany, company since 1803; the Christmas fragrance – Austria, pioneer for BIO products; the color – Germany, innovator in the field of natural dyes, etc.


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