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Association Kinderhilfswerk

Better future opportunities through mental health!

Violence, abuse, family or school problems, fears or depression permanently change the life of a child or young person. In the counselling centres of the Kinderhilfswerk in Linz and Vienna and in cooperation with psychotherapists all over Austria, we provide confidential and reliable help so that young people who are experiencing crises and traumas quickly receive the care that is right for them. We pay special attention to enabling families living in economically difficult circumstances to access our therapeutic and educational services. The inclusion of all relevant caregivers, no limits on the duration of treatment, cooperation with partners in the social and educational system and a focus on the individual resources of each child are central elements of our work. The aim is to strengthen the mental health of young people and thus enable them to have better opportunities in life.

Because children need our help!

The Corona pandemic is now challnging Kinderhilfswerk. According to a study conducted by the Donau-Uni Krems and the Medical University of Vienna in January 2021 with around 3,000 respondents, the mental health of children has deteriorated massively as a result of the pandemic. The results are worrying: 56 percent of the over 14-year-olds show depressive symptoms, half show anxiety symptoms. The frequency of these complaints, as well as that of sleep disorders, has increased five to ten times. Already 16 percent have suicidal thoughts, which is also a significant increase. The staff of Kinderhilfswerk also observes this development in their daily work in the counselling centres. Since May 2020, the demand for personal counselling sessions has increased significantly. Difficult situations such as stress, fears, loneliness or the potential for violence within one’s own four walls have increased significantly. It can be assumed that the need for professional therapeutic and educational support for young people in crisis situations will continue to increase in the coming months.


Every year, the association supports about 2,500 children, young people and their families with therapeutic and educational services that strengthen their psychological, emotional and social development. On average, Kinderhilfswerk provides 10,000 counselling and therapy sessions per year for young people and their caregivers. Since 1999, more than 30,000 children, young adolescents and their families have received professional support. 29,000 sustaining members make the work of the association possible with their financial support. As the bearer of the Austrian seal of approval for donations, the Children’s Fund stands for compliance with strict criteria, trust, security and transparency.